News | October 13, 2022

New Business Launches To Streamline First Aid + Safety Solutions For Chicago Area Businesses

One Workplace Safety provides a fully managed solution, with the use of RFI technology, for first aid, AED, and eye wash stations, including safety training and PPE.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) - One Workplace Safety launches today to redefine how first aid supplies, AEDs, and eye wash stations, PPE products and first aid training are provided to businesses. This approach includes complete maintenance, regular inspections, employee training, and RFI inventory fulfillment, combining leading suppliers in one source.

One Workplace Safety (1WPS) uses RFI technology to track supply usage and accurately replenish supplies on schedule. Safety professionals can rest assured they are in compliance, and their employees have the supplies and knowledge they need to respond in the event of a workplace incident. One Workplace Safety serves the greater Chicago, Illinois area, with plans to expand as the business grows.

1WPS CEO Ted Paros was the third-generation owner of Ajax Linen & Uniform, which provided the Chicago area with unparalleled service. He saw a gap in the service level for first aid, AED, and eye wash stations. “Most vendors stop at selling the equipment,” said Paros. “But that’s only one part of an effective incident prevention and response program. Equipment needs to be inspected and maintained, employees need to know how to use it, and supplies must be regularly replenished. Incident response management quickly becomes fragmented with multiple vendors, creating a headache. One Workplace Safety was created to bring all the top products and resources together and be that trusted partner safety professionals can rely on to take care of the details so that their workplaces are prepared.”

One Workplace Safety uses state-of-the-art RFI technology to track usage and replenish first aid materials accurately and consistently. The technology also gives customers complete visibility into their program to make more informed decisions.

One Workplace Safety provides employee training to teach hazard awareness and best safety practices, as well as first-aid and AED training. The company also offers personal protective equipment (PPE) from premier industry brands, eliminating the need to source equipment from multiple vendors.

“We believe better outcomes start with an aligned approach to incident prevention and response,” says Paros. “We offer a true triple-threat when it comes to service, combining flat rate pricing, technology, and automatic replenishment to become the only safety partner organizations need.”

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