News | January 28, 2019

New eSafety Systems Software Release Is A Safety Culture-Changing Event


eSafety Systems, Inc., a premier safety management technology solution provider, announced today a release of an upgrade to its Company’s Risk Assessment & Mitigation Program (RAMP™) framework and platform. RAMP helps reduce incidents through the standardization and continuous improvement of project standard operating procedures. The upgrade continues to build on the ISO 45001, a set of standards for management systems of occupational health and safety, published in March 2018. This OH&S management system helps eliminate hazards and other risk factors, ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for the clients’ employees.

Another key component of the release makes use of the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), a model of incremental improvements to services, products, and processes. The release combines a set of tools and reports that takes input form managers and employees alike and uses CIP model to make small but very frequent system improvements. As employees – and all system users - get involved and take ownership of the process, the constant feedback leads to measurable and repeatable improvements. The Safety Observation Report (SOR) is a great example of the CIP usage.

Finally, the company has announced an expansion of their consulting services. “It’s all about changing the organization’s safety culture”, said Boris Apotovsky, the company’s Vice President of Business Development. “Continuous improvement software helps improve visibility and team collaboration.” The company believes that its combination of the newly upgraded platform, its extremely flexible customization through rapid software development, and expanded consulting services will provide an unparalleled user experience that will put it ahead of competition in the safety management technology space.

About eSafety Systems, Inc.

eSafety Systems, Inc. is a premier risk assessment and safety management technology solution provider for the construction as well as both traditional and alternative energy industries. Company’s Risk Assessment & Mitigation Program (RAMP®) framework and platform features Continuous Process Improvement. This OH&S management system is based on ISO 45001 standards and has a proven track record to reduce incidents, improve compliance and increase efficiency for clients. The company also provides unparalleled customization and consulting services. Through its subsidiaries, the company also offers modularized technology solutions with secure, patented communication process for risk management and mitigation, wrap-up management, payrolls, key risk indicators, comprehensive reporting and data analysis, incident reporting, safety plans, and training.

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