News | July 17, 2008

New Miller Derrick/Oil Rig Harnesses & Accessories Designed To Maximize Productivity And Assure Safety

Source: Miller Fall Protection

Franklin, PA – Striving to manufacture the safest and most comfortable fall protection equipment, world leader Miller Fall Protection introduced new Miller Derrick/Oil Rig Harnesses and Accessories.

Featuring the innovative Miller Revolution Harness technology, the specially-designed derrick/oil rig harnesses offer greater mobility with the patented PivotLink rotary connection. The modular attachment design also provides connection points for a complete line of tool belts and accessories for easy snap-on/off flexibility.

Specially-designed harness suspension loops provide greater mobility when climbing the rig, while the D-ring positioned on the back of the belt maintains positioning on the tube board. The D-ring extension on the back allows total freedom of movement when connected to the block at the top of the rig.

The new line of derrick/oil rig harnesses is available in two (2) webbing options: ??DualTech™ Webbing – two-sided, contrasting colors and textures engineered with shape-retention memory for a more comfortable fit. ??Non-Stretch Webbing – strong and durable.

Miller fall protection products meet applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements.

For more information on the new Miller Derrick/Oil Rig Harnesses & Accessories, visit the web site at

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