News | August 30, 2017

New Regional Solution Providers Added To Address Stricter OSHA Silica Standard

Houston, TX /PRNewswire/ -- With the clock racing toward enforcement and penalties, oilfield operators and pressure pumpers can call upon new resources to help them meet OSHA's updated standards for silica dust exposure.

AIRIS Wellsite Services is deploying additional regional expertise to assist employers in achieving compliance with the rigorous OSHA benchmark. These resources are based in key regional offices: Houston; Midland, Texas; Oklahoma City; Tulsa, Okla. and Denver.

"Our team brings solutions to meet individual operational needs," says AIRIS CEO Brendan Ryan. "Having access to expertise locally means employers have a trusted partner who will supply guidance on achieving compliance with the OSHA standard, provide advice on market trends, evaluate exposure risks, analyze assessment data and develop solutions to establish compliant workplace practices."

The new, stricter standard from OSHA clamps down on the permissible exposure level to respirable crystalline silica, essentially cutting it in half. Without engineering and administrative controls, virtually every frac site worker is at risk of breathing dangerous silica dust.

Overexposure can lead to serious health risks like silicosis and lung cancer. Failing to address worker safety can leave employers vulnerable to lawsuits, fines, and penalties for non-compliance when the OSHA standard becomes enforceable in June 2018.

"As employers assess their exposure risk, many have discovered their current safeguards are not enough," adds Ryan. "Our solution providers know the obligations of the OSHA standard inside and out. They evaluate the challenges customers face as well as provide solutions that address both engineering and administrative controls."

Any solution that does not address work practices is not a total dust control solution. Along with deploying its proven technology, AIRIS collaborates with employers to produce their custom exposure control plan and establish safety protocols that can be replicated from site to site.

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AIRIS Wellsite Services is the market–leading provider of total silica dust control solutions to operators and pressure pumpers. AIRIS operates of a fleet of high-efficiency particulate HEPA vacuum units and patented technologies. AIRIS has offices in Houston, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and operates in the Rocky Mountains, Mid-Continent, Northeast and Texas regions.

SOURCE: AIRIS Wellsite Services