Noise Exposure Monitoring

Source: Acoustical Systems, Inc.
For the past 19 years Acoustical Systems has developed procedures to establish the occupational noise exposure as
For the past 19 years Acoustical Systems has developed procedures to establish the occupational noise exposure as required by OSHA regulation. These procedures measure the exposure level from various types of noise, such as continuous, pure tones, and impulse noise. Reporting is in accordance with the latest OSHA and ANSI Standard S 12.19-1996.

Identify employees for inclusion in hearing conservation program and allow for proper selection of hearing protection based on noise exposure. Our survey establishes the long tenn, full shift, time-weighted average sound level (TWA) assessment of individuals or groups with similar job activities and noise exposures. We will assess the exposure potential for that individual or group. Based on the TWA assessment, we will recommend hearing protection.

Identify specific areas for investigation of engineering or administrative noise abatement strategies. Our survey assesses the typical noise exposure over the long term based upon the employees' typical job assignment. This long term noise exposure assessment can be used to recommend additional noise abatement strategies.

Provide annual reviews of noise exposure. Our monitoring program will be conducted on an annual basis in order to determine if the long term exposure levels or the employee's noise exposure classification has changed since the last survey. An employee's noise exposure can change for many reasons including change in job, relocation of operation, addition or deletion of jobs, or employees, repair or modification of equipment, and normal or abnormal wear of equipment and length of work shift.

Presentation of noise exposure report and database. We will provide a report which can be used by management personnel as well as those involved in various aspects of the plant hearing conservation program, such as medical, safety, industrial hygiene, engineering, and legal personnel. We will compile the data from the occupational noise exposure monitoring into a hearing conservation database. This database will not only assure compliance with OSHA record keeping requirements, but also will become a valuable part of an effective hearing conservation program.

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