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Our patented NoRoma® odor elimination agent is an oxidation catalyst.
Our patented NoRoma® odor elimination agent is an oxidation catalyst. NoRoma® is available in liquid form and custom formulated for specific applications. 


  • NoRoma® is an "oxidation catalyst" that triggers an extremely rapid chemical combination of molecular oxygen from the air with molecules of the offensive odor. The catalytic oxidation process continues until all odors are eliminated.
  • The active NoRoma® oxidation catalyst repeats the oxidation process continually until all of the odor is eliminated. 
  • NoRoma® eliminates odors within seconds of contact. 
  • NoRoma® is not a biocide, fungicide, sanitizer, peroxide or chloride based solution, mask or perfume. 
NoRoma&3174; has the ability to rapidly destroy such odor-causing agents as sulfides, amines, mercaptans, styrene monomer and related compounds associated with odor production. 


  • NoRoma® is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, and completely safe for use on most surfaces.
Common Commercial Appications:
  • Food Processing: Excellent product for eliminating odors in Meat Processing and Poultry facilities. (NoRomaâ is USDA accepted for use in food processing facilities)
  • Hotel/Hospitality: Use NoRoma® to eliminate odors in draperies, bed linens, bathrooms, and carpets. Contact us about our room deodorization system.
  • Carpet Restoration: Specialized formulation designed to eliminate pet urine odors in carpet.
  • Fire and Smoke Odors: Eliminate smoke odors common with fire damage.
  • Cafeteria and Kitchen Odors: Use NoRoma® to eliminate odors that collect in steam table water baths and serving tables and equipment, on tray carts and trays, on food processing and conveying equipment, in sinks, drains, garbage disposals and compactors and in grease traps
  • Toilet and Bathroom Odors: NoRoma® is effective on the inside and outside of toilet bowls, urinals and bed pans, sinks and tubs, showers and drains, and ceramic floors and walls.
  • General Janitorial Use: Use NoRoma® for tough odor removal problems that may occur on floors, walls, hard surfaces of furniture and equipment and in garbage containers. Remove the offensive odors of mold and mildew from buckets, mops and other cleaning equipment. .
  • Commercial Laundry: NoRoma® can be added to the rinse cycle fluid to completely eliminate offensive odors from bed linens, uniforms, gowns, curtains, etc.
NoRoma® Has a Wide Range of Industrial Applications:
  • Municipal Sewage and Waste Water Treatment Facilities
    Our patented NoRoma® odor elimination technology can safely be used as treatment for odors common sewage treatment facilities. We work closely with our clients to develop a system of odor elimination that is customized for each specific application.
  • Solid Waste/Landfill
    Our patented NoRoma® odor elimination technology can also be used to safely eliminate odors associated with solid waste and landfill facilities. BMK Global, Inc. is committed to providing clients with a safe environmentally friendly alternative to odor elimination.

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