News | February 23, 2021

Null's Towing Steps Up Safety With New Life-Saving Equipment

Coopersburg, PA /PRNewswire/ - Roadways are dangerous workplaces. More than 40 first responders were killed in the U.S. last year and 34% of the tow operators killed were struck while assisting disabled vehicles along roads and highways.

To combat the dangers their workers face, Null's Towing of Cochranville, Pennsylvania, has joined Royal Truck & Equipment to provide innovative safety solutions for their crews, starting with a TMA (truck mounted attenuator) truck.

"These trucks are typically used as barriers for crews in work zones," says Rob Roy, President of Royal Truck & Equipment. "We're excited to see them being used in the tow industry. First responders deserve the same protection as construction workers out on the highway."

Null's recently deployed this life-saving truck as an added safety measure for their workers. "You can't put a price on safety," says Gwen Null, one of the owners of Null's Towing. "I've stood on that white line and I've had cars going by me at 70 miles an hour just inches away… you feel the air behind you as they're just missing you. I want to scream at every one of them that we all want to go home to our families. Please slow down. Pay attention to what you're doing."

Gwen says their tow operators, including her husband and son, have had to dive under trucks to avoid being hit. "This is not the kind of thing we want to hear but it's the kind of thing we deal with every day working alongside the road. The guys put their lives on the line every time they go out."

In addition to the TMA truck, Null's has also deployed ConnectedTech™ to protect their workers, which connects to the tow truck's hazard lights and warns drivers of activity in the area via GPS app. "We're very excited about this. It's the next level to keeping our guys safe," says Gwen. "People don't pay attention to lights or road signs but they pay attention to their phones. We're thankful that we have tools like this that keep our workers safe."

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