OHS HazCom System

Source: OHS/MDL Information Systems, Inc.
Compliant access for all U.S. employees and ongoing maintenance of MSDS collections

Compliant access for all U.S. employees and ongoing maintenance of MSDS collections

Critical Business Issues Solved:

  • Reduces overall costs of employee safety
  • Shares hazard communication costs among facilities
  • Provides consistent compliance throughout facilities
  • Allows personnel to focus on core operations and business competencies
  • Addresses hazard communication needs of all employee levels



  • Electronic MSDS management with quarterly delivery of updates
  • OHS Mixture Substance Database included, offering Compliance format for more than 40,000 industrial materials
  • Simple addition of single MSDS or databases of MSDSs to system
  • One easy-to-use interface for searching across multiple databases and capacity for adding unlimited MSDS databases
  • Search capabilities for scanned MSDSs
  • Basic and Advanced ("and/or") search options
  • Summary Sheets for each OHS MSDS
  • North American languages: U.S. English, Spanish, French Canadian
  • Support for scanning and indexing of vendor MSDSs



  • No employee training required for browser-literate users
  • Lower cost of updating of MSDSs to remain compliant
  • Single system for all compliance needs, using new electronic data
  • Easy storage and retrieval of historical documents for EH&S managers
  • Quick access for emergencies and safety incidents
  • Supplemental library of compliant OHS standard MSDS databases builds hazard communication system
  • Support for worker diversity and North American safety standards


OHS Solution Components:

  • OHS Pure Substance or OHS Mixture Substance Database, Compliance format
  • U.S. English
  • OHS MSDS Management Software
  • Optional: OHS Pure Substance or OHS Mixture Substance Database in North American Languages: U.S. English, Spanish and Canadian French
  • Optional: CHEMTREC Emergency Response
  • Optional: Internet Hosting and Delivery of customer data

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