OHS Mixture Substance Database

Source: OHS/MDL Information Systems, Inc.
Compliant access for all U.S. employees and ongoing maintenance of MSDS collections

Compliant access for all U.S. employees and ongoing maintenance of MSDS collections

Critical Business Issues Solved:

  • Provides reliable chemical data to populate enterprise-level Health & Safety systems
  • Offers alternative sources of MSDS databases with ongoing updating and review
  • Completes missing MSDS data critical to daily operations



  • Independently researched Safety Data sheets (SDSs) for more than 40,000 mixture substances
  • OHS research analysts prepare each MSDS and maintain on a quarterly basis
  • ANSI Standard 16-section format; Compliance or Professional versions
  • Quarterly updates
  • Library of 200 resources of chemical, health & safety data
  • International languages: Spanish, Canadian French, French, UK English, Italian, German
  • EC SDSs
  • Technical assistance on the sources used to create OHS MSDSs
  • International 24-hour emergency response supported by CHEMTREC



  • Low-cost, compliant, reliable MSDSs
  • Latest available health & safety data, complete and accurate
  • Multiple languages for International operations
  • Standardized "Safety Data Sheets" for international use
  • Continuous support from qualified, professional EH&S experts


OHS Solution Components:

  • Databases available in a variety of formats: ASCII, PDF or HTML
  • Standard MSDS format for all data, optional Compliance or Professional formats
  • U.S. Summary Sheets and Label Information
  • Expanded chemical data: U.S. regulatory information, DOT shipping designations, detailed toxicological data and extensive physical properties

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