OHS MSDS Authoring Outsourcing

Source: OHS/MDL Information Systems, Inc.
Reallocation of EH&S resources to core competencies and business needs

Reallocation of EH&S resources to core competencies and business needs

Critical Business Issues Solved:

  • Centralizes MSDS production and distribution
  • Assures professionally-authored product MSDSs, frequently updated and maintained
  • Reduces costs by 40-60%
  • Reallocates personnel to mission critical positions
  • Integrates systems following mergers or acquisitions
  • Reduces IT costs
  • Standardizes globally compliant MSDSs



  • Scientific Data Analysts who write, format, translate, analyze and assess data
  • Product MSDSs in current ANSI standard 16-section format
  • Expanded MSDS Data: DOT shipping designations, extensive physical properties, U.S. regulatory information and European Safety data
  • Aggregation of technical literature and research data for chemicals
  • Ongoing data review, maintenance and updates
  • Electronic data delivery each quarter
  • Language translations and standard phrase library
  • Customizable solutions based on unique customer requirements



  • Reliable, independently-researched MSDS production
  • Up-to-date OSHA or EC compliance with latest regulations and chemical information
  • Improved MSDS administration and user access
  • Global solutions for multiple locations and divisions
  • Quick MSDS access and delivery—100% access guarantee using OHS MSDS Management Software and CHEMTREC Emergency Response
  • Adaptable to specific company requirements to maintain continuity of customer systems


OHS Solution Components:

  • MSDS Authoring Services: research, analysis, assessment, formatting and writing of standard MSDS database
  • OHS MSDS Management Software
  • Ongoing data update, review and maintenance
  • Quarterly updates and delivery service
  • CHEMTREC Emergency Response and OHS Fast Fax
  • Optional: Language translations; OHS Pure Substance Database; OHS Mixture Substance Database; OHS MyMSDSnet; OHS MSDS Distribution Services
  • Optional: OHS Summary Sheets and Label Information

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