Source: OHS/MDL Information Systems, Inc.
Desktop delivery of industry standard OHS MSDS collection and related EH&S content

Desktop delivery of industry standard OHS MSDS collection and related EH&S content

Critical Business Issues Solved:

  • Allows mobile access to compliant MSDS collection
  • Provides reliable, accurate MSDS and related EH&S data for reference
  • Offers personal computer access to MSDS data
  • Assures back-up hazard communication, regardless of employee location



  • Originally-researched MSDSs by Scientific Data Analysts
  • More than 20,000 unique pure and mixture chemical substances; more than 165,000 trade names or synonyms
  • Professional, industry standard MSDSs in ANSI 16 section format
  • Quarterly delivery of updated databases in CD-ROM format
  • Simple to use with easy interfaces and installation
  • Basic and Advanced searching capabilities by multiple names
  • Content as required by government agencies in North America and Europe
  • Summary Sheets for each MSDS and a Master Index
  • Data subsets to use in producing substance labels



  • Reliable, accurate & consistent EH&S data
  • Compliant and up-to-date MSDSs for emergency response, safety incident or system back-up
  • Formatted to meet industry standards for quality and support of EH&S activities
  • Mobile MSDS collection, global and enterprise usage
  • Easy and convenient user interface
  • Simplified search by a variety of fields and substance identifiers


OHS Solution Components:

  • OHS MSDS ON DISC database includes more than 20,000 substances
  • U.S. Code of Federal Regulations
  • OHS MSDS Summary Sheets for all substances
  • OHS MSDS Master Index
  • OHS Label Information Database
  • CHEMTREC Emergency Response

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