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One-Stop Customized Ballistic Eye Protection Gear

Ballistic eye protection can resist impact from flying objects or hazardous materials. Tonshung offer ballistic eye protective gear options, from OEM to ODM.

Established in 1982, Tonshung Technology is a professional eyewear R&D and manufacturing company of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Sports from Taiwan. Tonshung Technology helps clients create customized ballistic eye protection gear.

The area of Tonshung’s expertise includes safety goggles, safety glasses, face shields, masks, ballistic eyewear, ski goggles, sports eyewear, paintball masks, and other personal protective equipment.

For any factories and manufacturers who wish to create customized ballistic eye protection goggles, Tonshung Technology can satisfy all your demands. Tonshung has manufacturing capabilities including mold manufacturing, plastic injection, artwork painting, lens coating, CNC shaping, and product assembly.

Ballistic eyewear gear is usually military-grade and can withstand high impacts and extreme weather conditions. Tonshung provides one-stop manufacturing and production services, from product design to manufacturing.

For military soldiers and outdoor lovers who search for military/ outdoor activities, injuries can be prevented by wearing ballistic eye protection gear.

What ballistic eye protection gear are
Ballistic eye protection gears are supposed to protect users from any types of fragments and dangers that users may encounter. It should resist impact and crack from flying objects and hazardous materials. Generally, these glasses fit into the standard that are approved by the military for use. Also, these eyewear protection gears can withstand the extreme environment and is suitable for outdoor activities lovers.

The following occupation should consider wearing the safety eyewear and other required devices during operating. Such as carpenters, electricians, machinists, plumbers, grinding machine operators, welders, chemical handlers, and laser device/machine operators.

ODM/ OEM ballistic eye protection gear
Tonshung has in-house designers and engineers that can help clients to design products fully based on their unique needs. Ergonomic and multi-functionality are the major parameters in designing the products.

Tonshung is experienced in manufacturing safety and sports products. From mold injection and customization, Tonshung has the ability to create customized glasses and goggles molding based on different usage and users. Lens can be chosen based on different usage as well. The scope of customization is very wide.

Tonshung’s customized ballistic goggles can be customized to the market or the client’s idea.

For Tonshung’s MIL0905 ballistic goggles, it complies with ANSI Z87.1 and EN166 standards. It has an adjustable and anti-slip strap and anti-fog lens. The foam and strap are made with flame-retardant materials. It can also be worn over the glasses, so it is completely wearable for people who wear prescription glasses.

If the working environment has liquids, gasses, or other harmful material risks, the safety goggles are a good choice to fit over prescription glasses. The over-the-glasses goggles have a wide frame design that can cover the whole glasses and contact the face comfortably. Available option for direct vent, indirect vent, or seal frame.

As for Tonshung’s BG02 customized ballistic glasses, it can be used as military glasses, and it has high-impact resistant lens. The nose bridge is adjustable for different users.

Optical and High Impact Testing Lab
Wearer’s safety is important, and for that, Tonshung has an in-house laboratory to monitor the quality of the products throughout the manufacturing process. The laboratory has optical and physical inspection devices to help test the safety and sports equipment, which ensures to test products’ compliance with international standards.

Where to find a trustworthy glasses manufacturer
At Tonshung technologies, they offer a wide range of ballistic eye protective gear options, from OEM to ODM that customers can choose from. Tonshung proposes multiple products which match all the standards for different markets and will produce the protective eyewear that clients need to match any unique requirements.

Guided by the commitment to excellence and dedication to customers, Tonshung is more than a manufacturer. As an Original Design Manufacturer, Tonshung provides comprehensive services including product design, development, manufacturing, and quality standards testing focusing on your target markets.

If you need to create your own glasses project, don’t hesitate to contact Tonshung, let Tonshung help you realize your vision!

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