News | October 25, 2022

OnSolve® Helps Customers Keep Employees Safe With New Product Feature In OnSolve Critical Communications

The OnSolve Life Check feature improves employee safety for lone workers and small groups

Alpharetta, GA /PRNewswire/ - OnSolve, a leading critical event management provider that helps organizations mitigate physical threats and remain agile when a crisis strikes, is demonstrating a commitment to helping organizations improve employee safety for lone workers and small groups with OnSolve Critical Communications: Life Check.

Organizations have both a legal and moral obligation to keep their employees safe. This has become increasingly difficult, however, given the increased frequency in acts of terror, violence and extreme weather. A hybrid workforce adds further complications.

Lone workers and those working in small groups on remote sites without an on-premises manager are some of the hardest employees to keep safe. If a worker is injured, there can be a long delay before the organization is notified.

The Life Check feature of OnSolve Critical Communications makes it easy for organizations to keep tabs on lone workers and small groups. With Life Check, employees can start a timed monitoring session when beginning a task. Once completed, the worker can turn the timer off from the intuitive interface. Failure to deactivate the countdown will trigger an emergency SOS to the company, so the manager can take immediate action and provide the necessary assistance.

Life Check can enhance employee safety within all organizations, but it's particularly valuable for companies with employees who regularly work alone, offsite or outside normal business hours. This includes transportation and delivery companies, factories, service and repair companies, and healthcare organizations.

When organizations add the Life Check feature to their OnSolve Critical Communications system, they benefit from:

  • Enhanced employee safety and security
  • Clear visibility into employee wellness via immediate alerting if a worker's Life Check expires
  • Improved organizational strategy for lone worker safety

A modern critical communications system should provide peace of mind to both managers and employees. Life Check is just one of a suite of features available via mobile app as part of OnSolve Critical Communications. Other ways to improve employee safety include:

  • SOS: An employee can activate an SOS during an emergency and be directly connected to the appropriate emergency services, while simultaneously alerting their organization.
  • LookOut: Employees can submit a report if they encounter a suspicious activity, person or object.
  • Check-in: Traveling employees can check in at a given destination and report their temporary location.
  • OnSolve takes employee safety seriously. With Critical Communications, organizations can deliver rapid, targeted alerts during an emergency. Now, with the addition of Life Check, employees can be confident they're safe and secure, even if they're working alone.

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