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Confirmation for the presence of drugs of abuse in oral fluid.
Confirmation for the presence of drugs of abuse in oral fluid.

The first lab based oral fluid confirmation test using GC/MS to developed to support the ORALscreen product line. The test utilizes GC/MS or Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry to verify and quantitate specific drug levels in oral fluid. ORALconfirm was developed to specifically support the ORALscreen positive results. The test is performed by the Avitar (USDTL) state of the art facility located in Des Plaines, IL. Just outside Chicago. The laboratory is maintains CAP inspection along with numerous other certifications.

An Avitar ORALconfirm kit must be used for a valid result. The drugs methods available for confirmation are: OPI (Opiates and metabolites) COC (Cocaine and metabolites) THC (Marijuana and metabolites) MET (Methamphetamine and metabolites)

Procedure for running an ORALconfirm test.

    1. Set up an account with Avitar by calling 800-255-0511.
    2. Acquire an ORALconfirm collection kit and requisition form from Avitar or your authorized distributor.
    3. Collect the oral fluid sample and fully complete the requisition form.
    4. Return the form and sample to Avitar (USDTL) at the address supplied on the kit instruction.
    5. Results will be available within 24 to 48 hours after the receipt of the sample at the Avitar (USDTL) lab in Des Plaines.

Part Number: OC01-0
ORALconfirm collection kit
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Part Number:
Avitar Chain of Custody/Requisition Form
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Payment is due upon completion of the analysis and shipping of the sample is the responsibility of the test requestor. To order collection kits, set up an account or for additional information contact Avitar customer service at 800-255-0511.

Avitar will assume the responsibility of shipping cost for any sample request involving 5 or more samples.

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