ORALscreen 4

Source: Avitar, Inc.
Rapid Collection Device and Test System for Oral Fluid.
(THC, COC, OPI, MET) Rapid Collection Device and Test System for Oral Fluid. Tests for Opiates, Cocaine, THC (Marijuana) and Methamphetamine

Announcing the newest addition to the ORALscreen product line, ORALscreen 4 with Methamphetamine. ORALscreen 4 is the world's only one step, oral fluid based point of contact test for drugs of abuse. Point of contact means ORALscreen is self contained and ready to use – anywhere and anytime. Practically anyone can be trained to use ORALscreen in minutes. ORALscreen is a revolutionary product with many advantages:

  • Eliminate messy urine handling
  • Results in minutes
  • Eliminate special collection facilities
  • Greatly reduce cross contamination and adulteration issues
  • Provide a definite sample source to ensure Chain of Custody
  • All at a NET SAVINGS to you

The kit includes the patented ORALscreen collector and test device for Opiates, Cocaine, THC (Marijuana) and Methamphetamine. The methamphetamine will also test positive in the presence of MDMA or the street drug commonly known as Ecstasy. ORALscreen is packaged in dispensers of 20 kits, which also includes a product insert and product instructional procedure sheet. A training video or CDROM is also available from Avitar by calling our customer service.

Part Number: OS04-1 Dispenser of 20 kits

Part Number: OS04-2 Case of 100 kits

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