News | July 27, 2022

OSHA Pros, LLC Discusses Fall Protection Training

OSHA Pros, LLC provides affordable and comprehensive fall protection training from the convenience of With the goal of promoting a safer and more efficient working environment, OSHA Pros discusses fall protection and training and the ideal worker who needs it.

Fall protection training is ideal for any worker laboring in an environment where falls may occur.

According to OSHA Pros, here are the four areas covered in basic fall protection training:

  • Nature of fall hazards
  • Procedures to minimize fall risks
  • Procedures for fall protection systems
  • Correct use of systems and equipment

While fall protection training is not limited to a single segment or industry, OSHA.NET points out some of the common jobs where fall protection training may be required, such as:

  • Construction Workers – Most construction workers labor in environments where falls are possible, which is why it is important for construction workers to undergo fall protection training to mitigate fall risks.
  • General Industry Workers – General industry workers such as window washers, energy/wind workers, etc. would be wise to enroll in basic fall protection training.
  • Roofers – It is necessary for all roofers to undergo fall protection training to learn about the safety equipment and procedures needed to combat fall risks.

Source: OSHA Pros, LLC