PC Compliance Safety Management Software v3.0: Stand Alone Multi-Facility Version: 5 Sites

Source: RMS Systems, Inc.
PC Compliance Safety Management Software v3.0: Stand Alone Multi-Facility Version: 5 Sites
Simplify your OSHA accident & illness recordkeeping & reporting - automatically!

Simplify your OSHA accident & illness recordkeeping & reporting - automatically!
PC Compliance Safety Management Software v3.0 is the only employee safety program you'll need to track injury, illness, first aid and near miss records to meet your OSHA compliance recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Safety Management Software v3.0 contains more than 30 pre-loaded reports and graphs, including an OSHA-approved 200 Log, that will allow you to identify unsafe work conditions and recurring employee accidents. Maximize your workplace safety with our comprehensive cost-tracking analysis and avoid OSHA fines with our built-in OSHA recordability test.
OSHA Compliance couldn't be easier with these POWERFUL features:

  • Powerful Reporting & Graphing Engine - generate countless graphs and reports, including the custom fields you previously created. Create & save frequently used search criteria into "groups" that will appear on the report menu for repeated use. Print graphs & data on the same report and save your settings to instantly re-create the same report in the future.
  • OSHA - approved 200 Log & automatically prints OSHA-approved 200 Log & 201 Report (300 Log & 301 Report will be available when officially approved by OSHA).
  • Monthly Incident Indices Report - the program automatically calculates and prints the Monthly Incident Indices Report specific to your company for every department.
  • Multi-Level Security Feature - administrators can create "user-types" and assign different security levels to any screen, including reports and graphs (Network security allows administrators to secure any folder).
  • Track Multiple Occurrences of Lost & Restricted Days - track multiple occurrences of lost and restricted days to accurately record, report and analyze the incidents' impact on your organization.
  • Flexible Customization Feature - modify the program to meet your needs by adding a ‘Custom' folder to any screen or by adding custom fields to any folder. Custom fields now appear in graphs, list reports and queries (any folder is a network feature only).
  • Accident & Illness Cost Management - track total costs associated with each incident to help you monitor and lower Worker's Compensation and insurance costs.
  • NEW! - Complete State Specific Versions Module - print your completed state specific First Report of Injury - automatically. Complete State Specific Versions are available for all 50 states, ensuring that every facility in your organization meets their state recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

Take advantage of these additional time-saving features:
  • Archive information for easy retrieval while removing it from the programs "active" database.
  • Easy-to-use import/export feature.
  • Claim tracking & analysis
  • Create custom reports with Crystal Reports interface (Crystal Reports required).
  • Guaranteed 30 days of FREE technical support.
  • Network and Multi-facility versions available.

PC Compliance Software are powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use programs designed to eliminate hazardous situations in the workplace, improve overall safety, simplify OSHA & EPA recordkeeping and reporting, while you saving time and money. More than 20,000 organizations, large and small, nation-wide have utilized PC Compliance Software and have chosen it to be their preferred choice to meet their recordkeeping and reporting requirements.
Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT
PC with 80486 or higher microprocessor
16 MB of RAM
Minimum of 120 MB of free hard drive space
Standard monitor set at minimum 800 x 600 display mode with small fonts
Release Date:
October 1999

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