News | August 24, 2023

PetroHab LLC Unveils Petro-Lite, A New Benchmark In Portable Hot Work Safety Enclosures

Engineered with Patented Technology, Made in the USA, and Designed to Cover Valuable Assets, Petro-Lite Redefines Safety, Efficiency, and Adaptability in Hazardous Work Environments.

PetroHab, a leading name in the global Hot Work Safety Enclosures (HWSE) arena, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is thrilled to announce the launch of Petro-Lite. This latest addition to their product line is poised to redefine the standards of safety, convenience, and efficiency in hot work applications.

The Petro-Lite, developed by PetroHab, is a portable safety enclosure tailored for hot work applications, featuring options for open and closed top configurations. The enclosure's panels are ingeniously designed using PetroHab's patented Quadra-Lock panel interlocking technology, ensuring a secure attachment and an uncompromised adherence to safety standards. Crafted from high-quality silver and gray premium silicone-coated fiberglass fabric, these panels hold ANSI/FM 4950 certification, attesting to their safety.

"Launching the Petro-Lite is a symbol of PetroHab's unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and safety. The ingeniously designed panels and resilient construction exemplify our determination to set new industry benchmarks. This product is not just a testimony to advanced engineering but also a pledge to ensure that our clients can securely cover their assets," said a spokesperson for PetroHab LLC.

With its dual purpose of enhancing safety measures while boosting productivity and cost-efficiency, this innovative product is optimized to facilitate rapid assembly, requiring a small workforce—usually no more than two individuals. The panels can be effortlessly interconnected in under five minutes and attached to standard scaffolding using Velcro cinch straps or "D" ring eyelets on each panel. Alternatively, a custom-made stand-alone frame can be utilized for situations where scaffolding isn't available.

A striking feature of the Petro-Lite is its ability to withstand high temperatures. The vertical walls exhibit impressive resilience, enduring continuous temperatures up to 1,000° F. Moreover, the optional welding pad, coated with vermiculite, serves as the floor and can endure temperatures up to 1,500° F.

PetroHab offers the Petro-Lite product with flexibility, providing options for purchase with or without a stand-alone frame. This adaptability ensures that various operational requirements can be met effectively, making the Petro-Lite a valuable asset for enhancing workplace safety and operational efficiency in hot work scenarios.

The launch of Petro-Lite underscores PetroHab's continued leadership in the HWSE sector. It reflects their unwavering dedication to safety, quality, and service. Proudly Made in the USA, Petro-Lite is a testament to PetroHab's commitment to American manufacturing standards.

Source: PetroHab