Source: Biosystems
The PhD5 monitors up to five atmospheric hazards simultaneously
The PhD5 monitors up to five atmospheric hazards simultaneously: oxygen, combustible gas, and up to three channels of toxic gas detection.
  • Easy to use: All procedures necessary for day-to-day operation, including automatic calibration adjustment, are controlled through a single On / Off "Mode" button.
  • Small package; rugged design: The PhD5 is completely sealed against the elements. The rugged metal-plated case is designed to minimize radio frequency interference.
  • Four sensors / five channels of detection: Choose from O2, LEL, and a wide selection of substance-specific toxic sensors; or choose Biosystems' innovative new "Duo-Tox" two-channel CO/H2S sensor for the simultaneous measurement of both CO and H2S without cross interference!
  • Automatic calibration adjustment: "One Button Auto Calibration" is available any time while the PhD5 is in normal operation. All you have to do is press the "Mode" button, attach the adapter, and flow gas to the sensors. All the adjustments are made automatically.
  • Interchangable NiCad or alkaline battery packs: Either type of snap-in pack provides up to 12 hours of continuous operation.
  • Datalogging with "Touch ID": PhD5 detectors may be ordered with ot without datalogging. Datalogging instruments may be additionally equipped with Biosystems' unique "Touch ID" automatic memory download system. "Touch ID" buttons store user ID, location information, and even the language preferences of individual users. With "Touch ID" keeping good records is yours with the touch of a button!

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