Planned Maintenance Systems

Source: Premier Autoworkers
Planned Maintenance Systems
Durable placards and display systems designed to assure smooth performance of machinery and equipment, as well as ISO compliant document generation.
Premier Autoworkers employees are highly skilled in creating clear, concise preventive and productive maintenance materials to meet company requirements. These maintenance schedules assure smooth, high performance of machinery, and prevent downtime of critical operations. Companies recognize the importance of supplying employees with easy-to-read visual instructions for this vital aspect in production efficiency.

engineers will work with a client's maintenance department to inspect and identify individual machines to determine:

  • Machine Identification Data
  • Safety Requirements
  • Critical Component Maintenance / Replacement
  • Environmental Conditions or Concerns
  • Setup Instructions
  • Lubrication Points
  • Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance Requirements
  • Changeover Instructions

After the identification of maintenance requirements is completed, engineers then develop preventive maintenance schedules and diagrams to cover items such as setup, cleaning, adjustments, lubrication, and weld schedules. In addition, visual aids, parts placement strategy, and equipment operation measurable may be developed as the result of company needs determination.

team of professional illustrators complete the graphics and maintenance procedures according to individual customer specifications. Colorful machinery diagrams with accompanying comprehensive and precise written instructions can be produced in a variety of finishes.
Our optional flip chart format provides the customer with a collection of laminated pages in a ring binder format which flip up to reveal the maintenance diagrams and schedules. This easy-to-use, corrosion-resistant chart can be adhered to any surface in the plant where it is easily viewed and safe from environmental damage.

Premier's clear, visual graphic representation is all the worker needs to identify specific equipment areas of concern, and quickly comprehend how to perform scheduled maintenance within the required time format. This is vital to the ongoing smooth operation of the production environment.

Premier Autoworkers personnel are prepared to meet with your staff to evaluate the best and most efficient method for completing your preventive and productive maintenance procedure requirements according to your specific needs.

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