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Platforms Wireless Announces SKYTOWER-911 Emergency Communications System Exhibition At Homeland And Defense Foundation Symposium

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Platforms Wireless International Corporation (Pink Sheets: PLFM)( announced today it will be exhibiting its new SKYTOWER-911™ Transportable Tower Emergency Communications System at the National Homeland Defense Symposium VI ( to be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 28 – 30, 2008.

Also to be exhibited as an integral part of the SKYTOWER-911™ System are the Company's principal emergency communications systems: RECOM-911™ Rapid Response Emergency Communications System, and ROSETTA-911™ Interoperable Radio/Cellular Communications System. The Company has reserved 400 square feet of exhibition floor space to accommodate the 36 foot long SKYTOWER-911™ System, its custom tow vehicle, and booth space.

The SKYTOWER-911™ Transportable Tall Tower System is a rugged, field-proven, autonomous system-delivery platform designed to efficiently transport and deploy the RECOM-911™ and ROSETTA-911™ Rapid Response Emergency Communications Systems, and additional support and accessory systems. The SKYTOWER-911™ higher-altitude antennae systems and amplifiers enable the RECOM-911™ and the ROSETTA-911™ to propagate cellular and radio RF signals to a 10 to 12-mile radius (20- to 24-mile diameter—depending on clear line-of-sight) to provide a mobile network ("communications canopy") of cellular and interoperable radio communications services. The SKYTOWER-911™ Transportable Tall Tower System can deliver and deploy multiple system payloads and facilities to an incident scene, including: the RECOM-911™ Rapid Response Communications System; the ROSETTA-911™ Interoperable Radio Communications System; Video Surveillance/Thermal Imaging systems; Radar systems; Intrusion Alarm Systems; and lighting, spotlights and loud-speaker systems.

The SKYTOWER-911™ System features a lattice steel, self-supporting telescopic structure on a heavy-duty trailer with Mil-spec aircraft-quality cables, stainless steel hardware, and solid state circuitry. It has a total lift capacity for System payloads and accessories of over 500 pounds and comes equipped with a trailer-mounted 15 kilowatt power plant and a 40 gallon fuel tank for 40 hours of autonomous operations. The System deploys its antennae at an elevation of 106 feet, without guy wire supports and has a wind survivability of 70 mph without guy wires and 120 mph with guy wires. Additionally, the System can operate in extreme environments due to its direct drive lift system with no exposed belts or chains, a Command & Control shelter with an environmental climate control system, and a lightning arrest/grounding system that protects personnel and electronics.

RECOM-911™ the "Rapid Response Emergency Communications System™", is the Company's principal system product: a rapid response emergency communications system that can be readily deployed to critical emergencies and natural or man-made disasters, where the communications infrastructure has been compromised or completely destroyed. The System is designed to provide a transportable cellular voice, data, video and sensor communications network designed to provide cellular and interoperable radio communications facilities for emergency first responders. RECOM-911™ can automatically create a private, autonomous, voice, data, video, and sensor communications network by linking up to ten system units positioned 10 to 12 miles apart from each other. The SKYTOWER-911™ System provides the RECOM-911™ System with a 10-12-mile radius of geographical coverage, with a service capacity of up to 70 simultaneous voice calls, and a 50,000-user, secured database. The RECOM-911™ System can interconnect with the PSTN via cable, fiber, and microwave or satellite link, as required.

ROSETTA-911™, the "Radio Open System Electronic Translation and Transmission Architecture" System provides advanced radio communications interoperability between VHF, UHF, 700 / 800 MHz radios, including cellular and land line telephones, as well as Internet/VOIP communications connectivity. The ROSETTA-911™ System can operate as a portable, autonomous interoperable radio communications field station, or it can be deployed aboard the SKYTOWER-911™ System to operate in conjunction with the RECOM-911™ Cellular Communications System.

The RECOM-911™ and ROSETTA-911™ Systems are currently being marketed to the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and all branches of the military. The ROSETTA-911™ System is also being marketed to critical-incident first-response organizations, including law-enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, school districts and various civilian and security organizations that depend on radio communications to perform their work. In line with this marketing strategy, the System is being featured and exhibited at major military trade shows and conventions.

Platforms Wireless President, Keith White, commented, "It is important to note that this is the first exhibition at which Platforms will showcase all three Systems together, and it marks the public unveiling of the integration of our emergency communications systems with our customized Transportable Tower delivery system."

Additional information on Platforms Wireless, the RECOM-911™ Rapid Response Emergency Communications System, the ROSETTA-911™ Interoperable Radio/Cellular Communications System, and the SKYTOWER-911™ Transportable Tower System can be found on the Platforms Wireless web site at

Platforms Wireless International Corporation, headquartered in Westlake Village, California, is the developer of the innovative airborne wireless communications core technology known as the Airborne Relay Communications "ARC" System Core Technology™. The ARC System Core Technology™ can provide wide area wireless telecommunications services from a Higher Altitude Wireless Communications System platform, using the SKYTOWER-911™ Transportable Tall Tower System as the system delivery vehicle.

Platforms Wireless believes its rapid-response emergency communications systems can provide advanced, cost-effective, voice, data, video, and sensor communications solutions for military, commercial, and critical emergency applications, particularly for natural or man-made disasters, where communications infrastructures have been compromised or completely destroyed.

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