Source: Graphic Products, Inc.
Instantaneous custom signs and labels are now yours with the PowerMark
Graphic Products, custom signs and labels are now yours with the PowerMark. Use it to create custom signs on demand, when you need them, the way you need them, NOW! Ordering custom signs or labels can be expensive, cause delays and often end up not looking the way you want them. With PowerMark you can preview your sign or label before it is printed, make any changes, and then print out your sign or label on the spot. This system creates multicolor custom signs and labels from 4" to 10" wide at a lower cost per unit than ordering, plus it gets the important marking done quicker and more efficiently. PowerMark puts the power of creating signs and labels in your hands, offers you a variety of sign materials to meet any application need, and withstands even the harshest environment! Take advantage of our free trial program to evaluate the PowerMark for three days with no obligation to buy.

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