PPM Audit & Inspection System

Source: Creative Business Solutions Inc.
PPM Audit & Inspection System. The most flexible, and intuitively easy to use audit software available.
Here is a brief introduction to the PPM Audit & Inspection system, which we believe to be the most flexible, and intuitively easy to use audit software available.

There are four main modules in the system:

1) Audit design
-Create your ‘template'
-Once created, the ‘template' can be edited, added to, copied, etc.

2) Audit completion
-Enter your audit findings directly, or
-Print a paper form for data entry.
-Audit scores and compliance achievement calculate instantly.

3) Reporting
-Select & print the reports you need
-Verbal or graphical

4) Follow-up
-Automatically create follow-up actions
-Assign a priority to your follow-ups
-Create automatic email reminders

Audits may be created on a desktop and exported to a hand-held device for completion in the field. The completed audit can then be loaded back to the desktop for reporting, graphing, and follow-up.

You can link external documents such as word processing files, spreadsheets, digital pictures, or web files.

The PPM system lets you incorporate any auditing protocols - from daily inspection checklists to full system audits. You can use your own standards terminology to build your audits to suit your particular business needs. PPM lets you perform your audits and inspections, faster, easier and more efficiently!

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