News | July 10, 2023

Predictmedix Announces Proposed Name Change To Predictmedix AI, Reflecting AI-Driven Solutions For Healthcare, Workplace Safety, Impairment Detection, And Fitness Screening

Predictmedix (“Predictmedix” or the “Company”), a leading provider of rapid health screening solutions powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), announced today that it will be changing its corporate name to Predictmedix AI Inc, aligning the company’s brand image with its innovative and AI-driven approach to revolutionizing various aspects of healthcare and safety.

The decision to incorporate “AI” into the company’s name highlights Predictmedix AI’s unwavering commitment to utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to enhance healthcare diagnostics, screening, workplace safety, impairment detection, and fitness screening. By integrating AI into its core operations, Predictmedix AI is poised to deliver even more accurate, efficient, and transformative solutions.

“We are thrilled to announce our new name, Predictmedix AI,” commented Dr. Rahul Kushwah, COO of Predictmedix AI. “This name change truly reflects our core values and mission as an organization, emphasizing our dedication to utilizing artificial intelligence to transform healthcare systems, enhance workplace safety, detect impairment, and optimize performance for athletes and teams.”

Predictmedix AI specializes in developing advanced AI algorithms and machine learning models that analyze diverse data sets, including facial expressions, vital signs, body language, and other biometric indicators. By harnessing the power of AI, the company has already made significant strides in various healthcare domains, including infectious disease screening and mental health assessments as well as rapid scanning of vitals.

In addition to its healthcare applications, Predictmedix AI continues to focus on workplace safety and impairment detection. By leveraging AI technologies, Predictmedix AI addresses critical challenges related to impairment caused by cannabis, alcohol, and fatigue. Its comprehensive impairment detection solutions utilize multi-modal analysis to accurately assess impairment levels in real-time, empowering organizations to proactively enhance safety protocols and prevent accidents.

Furthermore, Predictmedix AI has introduced innovative fitness screening solutions for athletes and teams. By harnessing AI-powered analysis of biometric data, the company provides in-depth insights into physical performance, enabling athletes and teams to optimize training regimens, prevent injuries, and achieve peak performance. This ground-breaking technology supports athletes and teams in making data-driven decisions, thereby enhancing their overall performance and maintaining a competitive edge.

The incorporation of “AI” into the company’s name reflects Predictmedix AI’s commitment to innovation, accuracy, and efficiency across healthcare, workplace safety, impairment detection, and fitness screening. The new name will be reflected in all future communications, marketing materials, and branding initiatives undertaken by the company.

Predictmedix AI will continue to collaborate with leading healthcare institutions, technology providers, research organizations, and sports entities to advance the boundaries of AI-driven solutions. The company remains dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare practices, enhancing workplace safety, and optimizing performance for athletes and teams, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and a safer, healthier future for all.

Source: Predictmedix AI Inc.