Pro 70-T Shower

Pro 70-T Shower
The high performance Pro 70-T Shower delivers portable, endless hot water in just seconds anywhere, anytime.
The high performance Pro 70-T Shower delivers portable, endless hot water in just seconds anywhere, anytime. Heats water instantly to 100° delivering continuous hot water flows, the Pro 70 shower is ideal for providing hot water for meth, chemical, & WMD decon. Easy to use - just connect to water source and push "auto ignite" button. Unlimited hot water sprays from the showerhead in just seconds...Great for all decon shelters and enclosures.

The durable components of the Pro 70 shower include 70,000 BTU propane heaters to deliver endless hot water with tough Mil-spec stainless steel construction, easy to use control knob to adjust the water temperature in seconds, water tight and shock proof "Push button igniters" (self-powered with AA alkaline batteries for extra convenience), 25 feet of double wall reinforced shower hose that won't collapse or kink, a high quality shower head equipped with a rotary cap providing several different spray patterns for hosing down suited first responders & equipment or use the gentle spray for patients and a 40" tall rugged powder coated cart with large tires making transporting and loading easy.

The Pro 70-T shower is in use all over the world by hazmat teams, fire departments, EMS, militaries, drug task forces, hospitals, industries and by the UN to provide instant and continuous hot water. Hot decon showers have been known to saves lives by reducing the risk of shock, reducing the risk of hypothermia, and increasing core temperature for better blood coagulation. Many cleaning agents used in decon react faster when applied with warm water. Warm water increases efficiency from the hospital or Haz-Mat staff and support personnel with the results of saving time and saving lives! Warm water is the best choice! In addition to decon, these systems are also in use as asbestos abatement

Options available with the Pro 70 shower are: without a cart, 12 volt water pump, Pro rechargeable 12-volt sealed gel cell battery and additional showerhead for simultaneous primary and secondary decontamination.

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