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ProcessMAP Releases Construction Industry's First End-To-End Software And Data Analytics Platform To Keep Workers Safe

Construction companies can now leverage ProcessMAP's 100% mobile software platform to keep workers safe.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL /PRNewswire/ - ProcessMAP Corporation, the leading digitization and process transformation platform that empowers customers to minimize their Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) risks, announced today that after more than two years of co-innovating breakthrough solutions in collaboration with global construction-industry customers, the company has released one of the world's most comprehensive digital transformation software solution tailored for the specific needs of the construction industry.

Construction - A Macro-Economic Sector that Needs a Comprehensive Safety Solution
The global construction market is estimated to grow by $4.5 trillion between 2020 and 2030 to reach $15.2 trillion1 in overall value. This macro-economic sector is also one of the top industries for worker safety incidents. On average, injury or incident rates in the construction industry are 71% higher than other industries.

As the global economy rebounds from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and investments in construction projects accelerate, there is a critical need for a robust, integrated, end-to-end safety management system that is designed for the specific needs of the construction industry.

8 Key Pillars to Build and Sustain a World-class Construction Safety Program
ProcessMAP partnered with some of the leading industrial and infrastructure construction companies to build the ready-to-use solution on its proven software platform. The ProcessMAP solution for the construction market is founded on eight fundamental pillars of safety:

  • Establish standardization and process consistency - across all construction projects and O&M sites
  • Accelerate Digitization of Key Processes with a 100% mobile solution to empower employees to bring efficiency and reduce human errors
  • Engage, Empower and Recognize Employees to drive safety
  • Integrate Information and Data Silos to centralize data and gain a holistic view of EHS performance at every level of the organization
  • Drive Data-Driven Decisions via integrated analytics and data visualization
  • Mitigate Risk Exposure by proactively identifying deficiencies and implementing corrective actions
  • Sustain Compliance with internal, customer as well as external regulatory requirements
  • Institutionalize Knowledge to ensure critical people-centric knowledge are retained

An Integrated Suite of Advanced Software and Content Solutions for Comprehensive Safety
ProcessMAP construction safety software solution include key capabilities such as, including Incident Management, Audits Management, Sustainability Management, Risk Assessment, Hazard Reporting and Safety Suggestions, Behavior-based Safety, Training Management, Permit to Work, among others helps to mitigate risks and protect the workforce proactively. The digital platform is equipped with preloaded inspections & audit checklists, safe work permit checklists, and other content to start quickly. The solution comes with built-in advanced analytics which provides actionable insights to drive safety performance.

Demonstrating Safety Performance Improvements at 1,000+ Construction Project Sites
Safety processes such as inspections, hazard observations, Tool Box Talks, incident reporting, safe work permits, and others, play a key role in driving safety at a construction project site.

ProcessMAP's construction safety platform has been deployed at more than 1,000 sites globally over the last two years, and significant process transformations have been noticed within a short span of time:

  • 120% increase in hazard & near miss reporting
  • 250% increase in asset and workplace inspections
  • 100% safe work permits issued digitally over mobile solutions
  • 140% reduction of lag time in reporting an incident over a year
  • 300% increase in incident investigation completed within 24 hours
  • 450% increase in total action items
  • 44% increase in on time closure of action item

Comments on the News
"We are excited to bring a safety software solution for the construction industry. Customers in the construction industry operate in one of the most risk-prone environments where the risk variables continuously change. Digital has a transformative role to play to help drive safety-centric construction at a project site," said Jagan Garimella, CTO of ProcessMAP Corporation.

"ProcessMAP's long history of collaborating with customers to co-innovate breakthrough solutions is again demonstrated in what we are bringing to the market. It is the convergence of technology, content, and global best practices that will give our customers an edge over their peers," said Ashish Mohanty2, Head of Asia-Pacific operations at ProcessMAP Corporation, who led a global team to build the solution.

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About ProcessMAP Corporation
ProcessMAP Corporation is the most trusted name for a digitization and process transformation platform that empowers customers to ensure workers' health & safety, minimize risk, and assure compliance. The ProcessMAP Platform includes solutions for Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and Operational Risk Management (ORM), Industrial IoT, and actionable data analytics to connect people, systems, assets, and facilities to drive a Sustainable Enterprise. We are headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with locations across the globe, serving customers in over 140 countries.

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