Protective Relay Maintenance - Basic

Source: AVO Training Institute, Inc.

Proper testing and maintenance of electromechanical protective relays in industrial distribution systems is paramount to preventing damage to equipment, interruptions to power and accidents resulting in harm to employees. Deterioration over time can cause failure of components. Having professionally trained personnel who can properly test and recognize failing equipment is essential to maintaining the integrity of your protection scheme.

This hands-on course is intended for electricians, technicians and engineers responsible for testing, maintenance and calibration of electromechanical protective relays that protect industrial feeders, transformers and loads.  The student should have basic knowledge of AC/DC electricity.  In addition, students must bring a scientific calculator.  Technicians that successfully complete this course will be certified to maintain electromechanical relays that protect industrial feeders, transformers and loads.  This certification is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

Course duration: 4.5 days
3.6 CEU

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify electromechanical relay components
  • Interpret AC and DC relay schemes
  • Perform as found/left tests and calibrate relays with the following functions (ANSI device number):
    • Undervoltage (27)
    • Instantaneous Overcurrent (50)
    • Time Overcurrent (51)
    • Overvoltage (59)
    • [Transformer] Differential (87T)
    • [Bus] Differential (87B)
    • Targets and Indicators
  • Explain the application of these relay functions
  • Utilize a relay test set to perform direct injection testing and interpret results

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