Quality Assurance

Source: Medcor
Medcor's business depends on the quality of its services, from the medical skills we use
Medcor's business depends on the quality of its services, from the medical skills we use, to the personal attention and respect we show each patient and colleague. We believe that clinical quality derives from improvements in outcomes, not just in process. We are not content to just streamline our processes - we want our patients to suffer less, recover sooner, and return to productive work without disability. Even then we are not content - we want to help prevent injuries from happening, and to lessen the severity of those that do occur. We also believe that medical costs are driven more by quality than by any other factor. The best health outcomes are the least expensive.

Accurate assessments lead to correct care and the optimum use of outside medical providers. Quality care leads to rapid recovery. The fees charged by traditional medical providers - so often the focus of cost cutting - have far less impact than the quality of the clinical decisions that generate those fees. Our experience confirms that the clinical decisions made by our clinicians have far greater impact on costs than the level of negotiated fees paid to outside providers.

Our services are designed to ensure that sound clinical decisions are made and appropriate care is delivered. After selecting skilled medical professionals, we give them intense specialized training, physician medical direction, on going clinical and management oversight, administrative support, sophisticated software tools, and other resources necessary to ensure quality outcomes. In addition, our independence from clinics, hospitals, managed care organizations and insurance companies helps to ensure the objectivity of the decisions our medical professionals make.

Medcor's quality assurance program has been in place for over a decade and provides quantitative and qualitative measurements not offered by other providers.

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