QuestSuite Professional II

Source: 3M Detection Solutions
QuestSuite Professional II (QSP II) is an extension of the original QuestSuite Professional software, completely rewritten in Microsoft DOT.NET. To simplify your transition to QSP II, the user interface functions much like your file browser and email programs.
One of the key features in QSP II is the ability to manage your entire instrument inventory, including non-Quest instruments, from one application. Information such as purchase date, model and serial numbers, certification dates, etc. can be included for any instrument. Plus, you can program QSP II to automatically prompt you when calibrations are due for any of the instruments entered into inventory. Minimum System Requirements to run QSPII: Windows 2000 with SP4 or Windows XP with SP2 P3-500 or AMD Athlon 500MHZ 256MB of RAM 300MB free disk space 1024x768 16 bit color display Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device Keyboard Internet Explorer 5.01