News | December 5, 2019

RALIANCE Launches Groundbreaking New Center, RALIANCE Business, To Help Companies And Organizations Address And Prevent All Forms Of Sexual Misconduct In The Workplace And Across Business Operations

  • Developed in Collaboration with Founding Partner Uber Technologies, RALIANCE Business to Provide Data-Driven Approach Utilizing Comprehensive Taxonomy
  • Participating Businesses Can Earn a Public Seal to Acknowledge Commitment to Changing Culture for the Better

Washington, DC /PRNewswire/ - RALIANCE, a national nonprofit partnership dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation, announced today the launch of RALIANCE Business. In collaboration with founding partner Uber Technologies, the new resource center is designed to promote consistent, data-driven strategies to help companies and organizations address and prevent sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexual assault in their workplaces and across their operations.

With more than 100 years of collective experience and resources on sexual violence prevention, RALIANCE Business will provide organizations and their leadership teams with assessments, policy reviews, trainings, communications support and other tools and guidance to help them improve their workplace culture and platform safety. RALIANCE Business is also developing an accreditation system that will benchmark corporate efforts to develop effective sexual assault prevention and response policies.

The launch of RALIANCE Business builds on RALIANCE'S collaborative efforts with Uber to create a taxonomy to classify and respond to reports of sexual misconduct and sexual assault on their platform. This taxonomy, created in partnership with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the Urban Institute, can be used and adopted by other companies and organizations, across every industry, in their own efforts to address sexual violence and misconduct within their platforms.

"#MeToo has been a driving force in increasing cultural awareness, but we need to continue to take proactive steps to cement institutional change," said Ebony Tucker, RALIANCE Executive Director. "Sexual assault is not just one company's problem or issue. It affects everyone in every industry. If we want to change this reality, we need more data, and more companies willing to be transparent and accountable. With the launch of RALIANCE Business, we are calling on organizations and business leaders from all industries to partner with us in creating stronger, safer and more equitable workplaces and communities. Partners don't need to have all the answers to work with us. They just need to be committed to positive culture change," said Tucker.

"Safety should never be proprietary, and it's our intention to make an impact well beyond our own company, encouraging others to be more transparent with their data and to share best practices that can make everyone safer," said Tony West, Uber's Chief Legal Officer. "RALIANCE Business will serve as a resource for companies to improve how they measure, respond to, and prevent sexual violence. This is a cause we can all get behind."

RALIANCE hopes the center will help organizations and their leaders understand the value of going beyond legal compliance to change the culture of their organizations as well as contribute to positive institutional change. For more information, please visit

RALIANCE is a national partnership dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation. RALIANCE partners with a wide range of organizations to improve their cultures and create environments free from sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse. Every day, RALIANCE helps leaders establish safe workplaces and strong communities by advancing research, influencing policy, and supporting innovative programs. RALIANCE is based in Washington, DC and combines decades of experience and resources from three leading national sexual violence prevention organizations into a single, unified force. Visit us at for more information.


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