Rapid Eye Check - An Effective Tool for Maintaining a Drug-Free Work Environment

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The Rapid Eye Check is a non-invasive drug prevention program. It provides a complete drug and alcohol abuse awareness plus a means to establish reasonable suspicion.
Business Impacts
"I guess you could call me a thief - I was stealing time from the company."
Anonymous small business employee recovering from chemical dependency
  • 1 in 7 employed persons abuse drugs or alcohol
  • $7,000 average additional employer cost per year per abusing employee
  • 40% of all industrial fatalities are connected to alcohol consumption or alcoholism
  • Drug/alcohol abusing employees are five (5) times more likely to file a workers' compensation claim
  • They use three (3) times as many sick days
  • Drug/alcohol abusing employees and their families have higher than average health care claims
  • Total costs to US business are estimated to exceed more that $100 billion ANNUALLY
Rapid Eye Check - What Is It?
The Rapid Eye Check is a non-invasive drug prevention program whereby managers and supervisors are trained to be alert to the physical and behavioral characteristics exhibited by employees or others who use drugs and abuse alcohol. The Rapid Eye Check Program provides a complete drug and alcohol abuse awareness plus the means to establish reasonable suspicion. Its use allows you to confidently enact "for cause" body fluid testing.

The effectiveness of the Rapid Eye Check technique is based on the fact that any drug that affects the central nervous system of the body - and all illegal drugs qualify - travels through the bloodstream and reaches the brain within three to five minutes after ingestion. Because the eyes are so sensitive and near the brain, they begin to show the effects of drug use within 15-30 minutes and remain affected for up to three or four days. Trained supervisors can use this program 24 hours a day.

Advantages of The Rapid Eye Check Program
Drug abusing employees have found exceedingly reliable ways to pass urinalysis drug testing. The Rapid Eye Check program can be a strong deterrent and cost-effective solution for expensive, invasive alternatives to urinalysis.
  • It is extremely effective in detecting and deterring drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. In a study conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University, the results indicated that 98.6% of persons who pass the Rapid Eye Check would also pass a body fluid test.
  • Rapid Eye Check is an ongoing, full-time screening program as opposed to a random or one-time pre-employment testing program.
  • It is extremely fast and cost-effective.
  • Government regulations (DOT) may require your organization to employ a program such as Rapid Eye Check.
  • Rapid Eye Check can greatly impact labor, medical and insurance costs.
What Are People Saying About The Rapid Eye Check?
"It goes without saying that the Rapid eye Check program is a must for every organization's Safety and Health program."
Lawrence Zepeda, Safety Training Officer, City of San Antonio

"We are sure that the Rapid Eye Check will continue to be a guiding light in the area of drug detection. Should you need our reference to promote your program to others, we would be more than happy to accommodate your needs."
Takayoshi Yuki, President, and Jean M. Bates, Director HR, USR Optonix, Inc. - A Mitsubishi Chemical America Company

"The uniqueness of this tool is that it can be easily taught and used, is non-intrusive, is an excellent indicator of medical or substance abuse problems and can help avoid the legal entanglements of other options."
Lee P. Brown, Mayor, City of Houston, former National Drug Czar

"This program is outstanding, not just because it is so reliable, but because it is so easy to learn and apply in our everyday operations. In our industry we deal with a large employee and subcontractor turnover. It is imperative we are able to assess our workers quickly and accurately to assure everyone's safety and well-being. I believe that if an employee knows that supervisors are accurately trained to detect alcohol and drug abuse, it will decrease the possibility of employee use."
J. Scott McIntyre, Corporate HSE Coordinator, Grant Geophysical

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