News | October 19, 2023

Recognizing Workplace Safety Issues With Marijuana Use

ZXEREX Safe detects Impairment and serves to deter use before arriving and while at work.

The National Safety Council has reported that impairment from Marijuana use increases workplace injuries and absenteeism while lowering productivity. In July 2023, the Canadian Journal of Public Health reported a two-fold increase of workplace injury among employees who either used Marijuana within two hours of arriving or used the drug while at work.

There is little doubt that impairment related to this drug is an important safety issue. ZXEREX-Safe is a non-invasive, rapid screening technology that detects and reports on impairment 24/7. It is available to employers to screen employees, especially those in higher-risk or safety-sensitive jobs. ZXEREX technology was invented and patented at Arizona State University and the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix. Biosignatures for Marijuana and Opioids were developed in human studies at several highly respected university research centers and have been enhanced with machine learning and AI. In addition to a population drug baseline, the screening technology has been personalized to accurately compare a current test to the employee’s screening when not impaired.

Experts say that for Marijuana, managing risk is all about impairment. This is a critical concern because long-used urine testing or breathalyzers reveal only the presence of a chemical or drug metabolite, but not whether the person is impaired. Though ZXEREX is not a replacement for urine or saliva tests, it focuses on the main concern of an employer – are there any signs of impairment from recent use?

When combined with a company’s safety program, ZXEREX-Safe can help to reduce injuries and absenteeism while improving productivity. For larger companies, ZXEREX is also offering impairment training specifically for managers/supervisors and for employees.

ZXEREX will be launching a series of pilot opportunities for certain industry sectors.

Source: ZXEREX Corporation