News | February 15, 2023

RedSOS Reduces Emergency Response Time With 24/7 Private SOS Services

Walnut Creek, CA /PRNewswire/ - The RedSOS app reduces emergency response times with a single-button solution for sending fire, medical, or police help to your exact location in an emergency. When the app is activated, the private SOS service receives your live GPS location and which emergency service is needed, then sends the nearest emergency resource to you. It also alerts friends and family you've previously selected and notifies them of the emergency and your live location.

U.S. regulators estimate that reducing emergency response times by just one minute could save up to 10,000 lives each year. Several thousand more could be saved with further reductions to emergency response times. One of the biggest barriers to timely dispatch is receiving an accurate location from the caller, which can take several minutes. Communicating one's location can pose an even bigger challenge for callers with medical emergencies that render them speechless or disoriented, non-English speaking callers, deaf or hard of hearing callers, or situations where speaking can put the caller at greater risk.

RedSOS addresses this delay with its proprietary LiveGPS technology by immediately providing your exact location to first responders and emergency contacts without requiring any voice communication. In some documented cases, the RedSOS app has reduced emergency response time by over 40%.

When the RedSOS button in the app is activated, the user is given three options for Police, Fire, or Ambulance. Your live GPS location is then given to emergency responders and your emergency contacts, allowing both responders and family to track your emergency situation in real-time and get help to you sooner.

RedSOS is a premium paid SOS service available in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store that works on both cellular or WiFi data. Plans start at $10/month for 24/7/365 private SOS services.

About RedSOS
RedSOS is a private SOS service that reduces emergency response times by sending help to your exact GPS location. The app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play store with plans starting at $10/month for 24/7/365 private SOS services. Press a button, get help. View the media kit or visit WWW.REDSOS.COM for more information.

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