News | September 5, 2016

'Right-To-Know' Labels From LEM Products, Inc. Keep Workplaces OSHA-Compliant

Employers are required by law (and ethical imperative) to keep employees safe from workplace hazards. Hazardous chemicals are particularly dangerous and must be handled with the utmost caution. For this reason, OSHA requires that employers identify them to employees through "Right -to-Know" labels. LEM Products, Inc., a respected manufacturer of comprehensive product safety labels, offers such identification to employers in any industry that requires them.

OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard is grounded in the belief that all workers have a right to know and understand which chemicals they are working with and the risks inherent to them. LEM Products, Inc. makes pressures-sensitive labels and stickers which display the symbols that clearly indicate when hazardous chemicals are present and what their properties are. In addition, LEM Products, Inc. offers four-color chemical hazard labels compliant with OSHA's numerical system for indicating the health hazard, fire hazard, reactivity and other specific hazards such as acidity and radioactivity of a given chemical.

In addition, LEM Products, Inc. makes self-adhesive, water- and oil-resistant labels that identify biohazard waste, PCBs and other hazardous materials. LEM Products, Inc., does not limit its production to standardized labels. For the convenience and safety of its customers, the company also manufactures customized labels made according to the same high standards of durability and legibility as their standard labels. Alongside hazardous material warning signs and labels, the company also product markers for scaffolds, confined spaces and other workplaces hazards.

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Source: LEM Products Inc.