Risk Management and Loss Control Program Steps

Source: HSB Professional Loss Control, Inc.
Our approach to loss control utilizes a detailed strategy of risk assessment
Our approach to loss control utilizes a detailed strategy of risk assessment:
1. The risk assessment often involves a review of corporate objectives and risk tolerance and of operations relative to standardized codes and industry practices.
2. From this review, sound technical risk guidelines are developed. When these guidelines deviate from standards and industry practices, we present adequate engineering justification for the deviation(s).
3. Based on these guidelines, a fire hazard analysis is conducted. This analysis requires a thorough review of the facilities and generally includes a complete physical evaluation of each facility, a review of current risk control policies and practices, and a review of future plans for the site.
4. The last step of the hazard analysis involves the preparation and presentation of a concise report for the risk management professional's use. All recommendations for improvements to the risk control program are categorized and prioritized by severity and importance.

The chosen course of action for risk mitigation can be monitored by HSB PLC through subsequent site visits to ensure completion. Specifications, bid documents, and drawings for facility modifications can be developed also to assist facility management.

Inspection Services
Related Services

HSB PLC provides numerous services related to the risk management process. These include

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection (Audits) of Industrial Properties
  • Fire Loss Analysis
  • Acceptance Testing of Fire Protection Equipment
  • Training ( Hands-on and Classroom) for Industrial
    Emergency Response Organizations
  • Loss Control Program Development

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