Safety And Technical Risk Management

Source: Fire Protection Engineering Services
FPE Services is committed to your success
FPE Services is committed to your success! We provide an engineering perspective to safety in the work environment, looking at cost-effective and lasting solutions in both the physical workplace and behavioral aspects of the worker.

Because our staff routinely works with local government and federal agencies, we can offer alternative approaches to prescriptive code requirements that will meet the objectives of both the client and the regulatory authority in a manner that can reduce delays and improve results. Our balance of practical safety management experience in working facilities, design, and codes and standards knowledge ensures that you receive advice and support that is truly performance-based.

We maintain a network for our professionals that is dedicated to collaborative communication toward client solutions, supported by an extensive up-to-date library of resources that ensures that you receive optimum information and solutions to your concerns. We offer a comprehensive package of training, education, site evaluation, and facility support services in safety designed to meet not only compliance requirements, but improve insurance risk results, and attain your safety objectives.

Our services include:

  • Job Hazard/Safety Analysis
  • Safety Procedure Development
  • Life Safety Studies
  • High-risk Task Assessment
  • Process Hazards Analysis
  • Machine Guarding Solutions
  • Safety Training
  • Accident/Incident Analysis
  • Pre-OSHA Assessment and Post OSHA Planning
  • Facility/Workplace Safety Assessment and Strategic Planning

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