Safety Relay Modules

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Safety Relay Modules
Safety Relay Modules Detect and Locate Safety System Faults
Safety Relay Modules Detect and Locate Safety System Faults

DESCRIPTION: Series AES/AZR/SRB safety controllers detect and locate faults in safety systems. Each features dual redundant logic and (at least) two positive-guided relays. These cross-monitoring logic circuits check for proper operation of each other, while also monitoring the integrity and operation of the safety circuit's positive-guided relays, interlock switches, coded-magnet sensors, emergency stop pushbuttons and interconnection wiring to "enable" machine operation.

APPLICATIONS: Safety controllers are a simple and inexpensive means of heightening the reliability and level of safety of machine guarding safety systems. Their use satisfies ANSI, OSHA and European "control reliability" requirements and enables meeting the highest levels of safety required for given levels of risk assessment... regardless of application.


  • Redundant, dual-channel logic - ensures safety system integrity even if one logic circuit fails
  • Built-in positive-guided relays - increase system reliability
  • LED integrated system diagnostics - identifies type and location of faults...reducing downtime
  • CE-compliant - modules meet EMC, Low Voltage & Safety requirements of European Machinery Directive
  • Versatile - compatible with electromechanical interlock switches, coded-magnet sensors and E-stop devices

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