Safety Training

Source: Process Safety & Reliability Group Inc. (PSRG)
PSRG is dedicated to providing customized, superior quality
PSRG is dedicated to providing customized, superior quality, cost effective solutions to your process risk management and training needs. Our expert instructors give you the skills and knowledge to manage process risks and show you how to continuously make your operations more safe and reliable.

Available Training Courses, Seminars & Workshops

hazop leader training & certification - process hazards analysis for batch process operations - process safety management principles - quantitative risk assessment (QRA) - human factors & procedure analysis - mechanical integrity & reliability - preventative / predictive maintenance management - control room siting analysis & risk mitigation - operational readiness reviews - reactive systems safety management - FDA / cGMP guidance / compliance

Benefits of PSRG Training

Customization: Courses are designed to address unique requirements of your personnel, utilizing their time efficiently and your money effectively.

Cost Savings: By bringing experts to you, you realize a significant savings in travel expenses. In addition, there is no registration or enrollment fee for PSRG training courses.

Minimal Impact To Schedule: Your personnel are trained at your facility, thereby minimizing their time and the possible need to bring additional shift coverage

Availability On-Demand: The schedule for PSRG training courses are based on customer schedules. Training is scheduled to accommodate customer schedule constraints.

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