News | July 7, 2016

SATRA Adds To Notified Body Scope

SATRA has been approved to carry out EC-type examination of 'Protective gloves against ionising radiation and radioactive contamination' to EN 421:2010.

Notified body SATRA is one of only a few organisations within Europe accredited to certify specialist gloves to this standard.

As the use of radiation increases in the healthcare industry, the need for adequate protection for health workers is becoming more important. One of the most common items of personal protective equipment (PPE) in this field of work is the glove.

The dangers involved in not using the correct protective gloves can be serious and, while the risk of contracting cancer from such scattered radiation is low, this type of exposure can lead to dermal atrophy and damage to the vascular tissue as gamma and X-rays can penetrate the skin. The risks associated with exposure to large doses of ionizing radiation is relatively well established. However, the effects on the body of lower doses is less well understood although radiation protection standards typically assume that any dose carries a risk. At very low levels of exposure the body's natural healing mechanisms can repair radiation damage whereas higher level irradiation impairs those systems and is therefore more harmful.

Radiation-resistant gloves are not designed for use in the primary X-ray beam. They are intended to reduce the scattered radiation to which the surgeon's or other health practitioner’s hands may be exposed. As such, they should be considered a piece of safety equipment to help reduce radiation exposures and risks.

SATRA can test most types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against national, European and international standards and also offers a range of quality certification schemes for various industries.

Source: SATRA Technology Centre