News | February 20, 2018

Seeing Is Believing With NuTrend ProWorks Lime Green Nitrile Gloves

Redefine high visibility with bright color that really stands out

Take visibility to a whole new level with NuTrend Disposables’ exclusive ProWorks lime green nitrile exam gloves. The stunning bright color is virtually impossible to miss, facilitating at-a-glance oversight of barrier-protection protocols. These gloves easily call attention to the wearer, make a focal point of the job being performed, and also add a dash of personality to any task. Thicker than traditional disposables, this 6 mil barrier glove is rated as an exam grade product, providing users peace of mind regarding the glove’s quality.

Any job where high visibility is a plus will benefit from lime green nitrile gloves. A favorite at airports, construction sites, and with law enforcement, these gloves have other attractive features beyond the eye-catching hue. Their textured fingers and palms aid with grip, particularly when handling tools, and the comfort fit is ideal for extended wear.

Nitrile is a synthetic polymer with many of the same properties as natural rubber latex, but it is free of any latex proteins that can cause skin sensitivity and allergic reactions. Nitrile is specified for its superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals in mechanical or industrial facilities and is an excellent barrier protection from solvents, oils, greases, and some acids and bases.

Nitrile disposable gloves pro­vide excellent dexterity and elasticity similar to latex and better tactile sensitivity than vinyl. In addition, nitrile offers three times more puncture resistance than a comparable thickness of latex, providing dependable protection for the user.

NuTrend’s complete line of disposable gloves, which includes nitrile, latex, and vinyl, is part of their complete bundle of products for cleaning and protecting facilities and the people who work there. NuTrend leads the way in quality and price in every category and offers a better “value in the bundle.”

The entire disposable glove line with details and specifications can be viewed on the NuTrend website at

SOURCE: NuTrend Disposables