Source: Acoustical Systems, Inc.
Noise Reduction Feasibility Studies
  • Industrial Noise Abatement
      Noise Reduction Feasibility Studies
      Plant and Machine Relocation Evaluations
      Special Test Chambers For On-Line Testing
      Employee Noise Monitoring
      OEM Noise Abatement Services

  • Turnkey Noise Control Projects
      Single Machine to Plantwide Projects
      Expert Application of Noise Control Technology
      Project Management/Design and Build Services

  • Community Noise
      Property Line Surveys
      Noise Abatement Services
      Environmental Impact Assessment
      FHWA Traffic Noise Studies

  • Architectural Acoustics
      Churches and Auditoriums Broadcast Studios Product Test Facility Design Open Office Environments School/University Class Room Assessments Special Field Testing Services
        DIAM 50-3 A
        STM Standards
        ISO 3744
        ISO 3744 and
        ISO 3746

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