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SlateSafety Launches The BAND V2 To Propel Connected Worker Safety

Atlanta, GA /PRNewswire/ - SlateSafety, a leading global provider of connected safety solutions announces today the launch of its next-generation wearable technology, the SlateSafety BAND V2.

Since its inception, SlateSafety has taken pride in its ability to build rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use products that prevent worker injuries in real-time. The BAND V2 is the next leap in connected safety technology for industrial, military, and emergency workers.

The BAND V2 builds on the success of the original SlateSafety BAND V1, a wearable device for the early detection of heat stress that similarly underwent years of research and development. In all facets, the next-generation device brings a dramatic increase in functionality while maintaining the ruggedness and ease of use of its predecessor.

The physical device is designed and built in the United States with high-impact plastics, a form-fitting design, and a durable strap for easy placement on the upper arm, under PPE. The design team behind the BAND V2 wants to ensure customers continue to say, "I forgot I was even wearing it."

An intuitive user experience enables organizations to custom build safety processes. Real-time safety alerts for worker biometrics and locations can be configured and delivered in a number of ways. For example, SMS texts can be sent to safety officials, in-app notifications can be sent to safety supervisors, and haptic feedback can be configured to trigger directly on the BAND V2 when a predetermined safety threshold has been met. For enhanced worker privacy, the BAND V2 can be configured to only send alerts and not biometrics.

The BAND V2 inherits all of the BAND V1 features and is launching with a bevy of new features including GPS, automated work/rest cycles, fall detection, and SOS TapAlert. These advances expand the scenarios where wearable technology can make an impact and enable safety programs to rethink the ways this technology can be used. Areas such as heat stress prevention as well as confined space and lone worker monitoring are all prime areas for this technology.

"Our customers are noticing a shift in the way they think about wearables. I've had more than one come to me and say, 'We as a leadership team need to reframe how we're thinking about deploying this technology.' What they're seeing is that whole processes can be consolidated because our solution helps to automate protocols that were previously unconnected. And as a technology company focused on connected safety, that's super exciting to see," said CTO, Tyler Sisk.

What was once a solution for monitoring heat stress and overexertion now becomes the bedrock for wholly new digital transformations of worker safety programs. The increased functionality allows for large teams to have a better sense of how their workforce is doing in a number of new work scenarios. Lone worker and confined spaces are two areas the BAND V2 can make an impact.

Additional features set to roll out post-launch include VO2 max, heart rate variability, indoor location tracking, proximity detection and more.

About SlateSafety
SlateSafety is a technology start-up based in Atlanta, GA at the edge of the Connected Safety revolution. The team's mission is to bring reliable, rugged, and easy-to-use safety solutions to heavy industrial applications. The focus of that mission is to put the worker at the center of safety and their next-generation product, the BAND V2, does just that. As an arm-worn wearable, this IIoT device provides real-time alerting and historical trend analysis to allow safety professionals to intervene before incidents occur while also identifying operational inefficiencies of workloads.

The BAND V2 was recently recognized in TIME as a '2021 Best invention of the Year.' SlateSafety has received over $2M in funding from the National Science Foundation, the United States Air Force and the United States Army to develop its IoT platform.

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