Smoked Dome for Drop Ceilings

Source: Lester L. Brossard Co.
High visibility is key to theft deterrence and surveillance effectiveness
High visibility is key to theft deterrence and surveillance effectiveness. Brossard, a long-time leader in safety and security products, introduces a new line of smoked domes for use in drop ceilings to help achieve this purpose. When used with (or without) a CCTV camera, these domes can be strategically placed in retail, restricted office or work area locations and elsewhere to heighten physical security, deter theft and more.

Brossard is offering these smoked domes in various sizes and styles. 9", 12" (shown in photo) and 22" domes are supplied with light shield and 24" drop ceiling tile for easy installation. The light shield prevents anyone from detecting the presence of a camera behind the dome, so live and decoy domes can be intermixed.

When used with a camera, these domes provide full 360 ยบ field of view around the area monitored.

Brossard domes are offered in various shades and may be purchased singly or in quantity.

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