Soft Touch™ Accident Prevention Posters

Source: Clement Communications, Inc.
Soft Touch™ Accident Prevention Posters
Introducing … a behavior-based safety program that "drives home"
Introducing our biggest … most persuasive … most convincing safety poster ever!
Soft Touch Accident Prevention Posters are a "behavior-based" safety program to reinforce how a single act of carelessness can jeopardize everything your employees care about.

And they do it without lectures … without preaching … and without confrontation. In fact, they do it by putting the responsibility for safety back on the worker, and by reminding them that they are the ones who have a lot to lose through careless behavior.

The result? Less carelessness, more responsible workers and lower accident rates.

Each week, a new Soft Touch Accident Prevention Poster will get workers thinking about their own safety and how an accident can destroy everything they've worked for. About how an accident can affect their families, their friends and the loved ones who depend on them.

In a perfect world, workers would work safely, wear their PPE, and behave responsibly because it's the right thing to do. Now you can drive that responsible behavior with Soft Touch Posters. Try them in your company for the first four weeks absolutely free.

Every month, Soft Touch subscribers get a custom poster FREE. Custom posters are a great way to customize your safety program. You can personalize a poster from our library or we can design a custom poster from scratch using your photography.

Use your monthly custom poster to:

  • Create a tie-in to your scheduled safety initiatives
  • Recognize an outstanding employee
  • Or say practically anything you want
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