News | October 26, 2022

Soter Analytics Announces Latest Version Of SoterTask For Improved Productivity And Reduced Injury

The newest version of Soter Analytics’ task and risk assessment solution now features ‘Risk Clips’ to accurately measure and assess movement for manual handling training and risk reduction

London (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Soter Analytics, a global safety science company producing AI-driven solutions, today announced the general availability of the newest version of its SoterTask AI-driven video processing app that measures risk movements in the workplace and helps organizations​ implement controls to keep their workforce safe. This version includes the introduction of Risk Clips, directly involving workers to instantly evaluate when they are at increased risk of injury while performing tasks.

The SoterTask vision processing software proactively assesses ergonomic risk in the workplace. SoterTask records a video of a work task and then provides a visual overlay highlighting high-risk angles and movements of a worker’s body including legs, arms, neck and back on a second-by-second chart. SoterTask provides recommendations and coaching tips with the option to compare before and after videos. The new Risk Clips feature instantly cuts and highlights each segment into high-risk movements so remediation and risk control can begin immediately.

The benefits of SoterTask include:

  • Workers are not isolated from the context in which they work; risk is contextualized and environment-specific
  • Participation is part of a successful outcome. Worker expertise is put to good use
  • The self-observation technique inspires self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-efficacy; creating an emotional impact for lasting behavioral change
  • Considers all handling phases: lifting, carrying, depositing, pushing, and pulling
  • Standardizes safety conversations across the entire organization

Soter Analytics’ smart wearables, and AI-driven end-to-end safety solutions, reduce injuries by up to 86% among manual handling workers. The SoterTask risk model gathers multiple data points from each angle of each body part while video recording the performed task. The program then analyzes it with machine learning algorithms to achieve high accuracy, validity, and reliability.

“This latest update to SoterTask is big. We have reimagined how the SoterTask app looks and engages with workers as it now includes new interactive capabilities and dashboard updates that bring powerful shared management tools to deliver safety as well as both human and machine proficiency,” said Matthew Hart, CEO and Founder of Soter Analytics. This latest version of SoterTask will fundamentally change the way workplaces train their staff in manual handling, bringing workers increased safety and organizations personalized time and cost-savings from real-time AI intelligence.

About Soter Analytics
Soter Analytics is a global safety solutions technology company that develops a tailored approach to workplace safety for their partners. Soter incorporates advanced AI-driven wearables, sensor free video processing and a suite of health professionals specialising in leading data metrics. The results proactively improve safety, boosting productivity and increasing overall workplace efficiency. For more information:

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