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Medical qualifications, credentialing and staffing are important components of Medcor's services
Medical qualifications, credentialing and staffing are important components of Medcor's services. Medcor assigns experienced and fully qualified medical professionals to deliver its Workplace Health Management program. These skilled clinicians come to Medcor with a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from emergency departments and critical care units to therapy and family practice clinics.

Our recruiting efforts focus on three primary criteria. First, we look for individuals of integrity who share our values and the principles underlying our services. Second, we identify individuals who have the necessary clinical skills and experience. Third, we select people whose personalities and interests fit comfortably with the company culture and environment in which they will be working. We recognize that to be effective, our staff must "fit in" where they work, and participate as a team with the client's management. They must communicate effectively with employees. Good communication and respect can be the most effective part of a patient's treatment!

Medcor provides competitive benefits, a positive work environment, effective and supportive management, and sophisticated systems to attract and keep the best-qualified candidates. In addition, our size, geographic and industry diversity, and commitment to individual development provides attractive career tracks for professionals, aiding in lower turnover and high retention.

We put all of our personnel through an intensive training program at our headquarters in McHenry, Illinois. In addition to orienting our personnel to all aspects of our service, we thoroughly train individuals in our clinical protocols, case management best practices, Medfiles software, OSHA record-keeping requirements, and Medcor's administrative requirements. Our on-site staff works cooperatively with the client's management and with off-site providers. They become familiar with the client's workers' compensation and group insurance policies and procedures, employment placement policies and procedures, EAP program, and other relevant policies, and practices.

Medcor is a flat organization, utilizing self-motivated and capable people rather than depending on layers of management to function. The corporate management team exists to support our field operations, rather than the other way around. We retain an entrepreneurial spirit, despite our steady growth. We are creative, innovative, and customer-driven.

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