Substation Maintenance I

Source: AVO Training Institute, Inc.

Substation maintenance is a key component of any successful plant maintenance program.  Failures in key components can lead to unplanned outages, the need to replace equipment, and in some cases, the injury or death of personnel.  Having skilled substation maintenance technicians is essential to maintaining equipment reliability and potentially avoids these situations.

This portion of the substation certification focuses on testing and maintenance of medium-voltage circuit breakers and switchgear. 

This course is intended for apprentices, technicians and engineers responsible for the maintenance and testing of industrial and utility substations.  This course requires working knowledge of basic electricity.  Students must wear long pants and safety toe shoes to complete the lab portion of this course. 

Course duration: 4.5 days
3.6 CEU

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify safe work procedures
  • Explain the configuration and function of common equipment found in a substation
  • Identify components of air, oil and vacuum circuit breakers, and metal-clad switchgear (including switchyard equipment)
  • Perform and interpret results of insulation resistance and contact resistance tests on medium-voltage circuit breakers and switchgear
  • Perform over-potential and vacuum integrity tests, measurements and make adjustments to medium-voltage circuit breakers
  • Perform and interpret results of a tank loss index test on an oil circuit breaker (as needed)

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