News | October 23, 2006

Syntex To Host Operational Risk Management Seminar

Source: Syntex Management Systems, Inc.

Houston, TX — Syntex Management Systems, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Risk Management software solutions, is pleased to be hosting the third in a Series of the Operational Risk Preferred Practice Seminars on November 1st at the Wachovia Complex Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The first seminars held in July and September of this year were received with an overwhelming response. These events bring together industry leaders who are focused on implementing incident management, proactive assessment programs and operational management system initiatives intended to reduce their overall exposure to risk. The objective of these various Preferred Practice Seminars is to share best practices in the management of operational, regulatory compliance, environmental, safety, quality and security risk. Additionally, these seminars speak to the evolutionary process that progressive companies use to move their organizations towards achieving enterprise-wide risk management and operational excellence.

During this upcoming seminar, operational risk stakeholders with ExxonMobil and PPG Industries will share their "real life" experiences and insight concerning the implementation and continuous improvement of operational risk programs. These business leaders have improved their risk management performance through the integration of many different operational processes such as incident management, corporate assurance, and proactive assessments into a single common platform for strengthening risk mitigation competence and effectively enabling Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) within their organizations.

"We're pleased to provide a forum for companies to share how they've implemented a common set of repeatable processes, procedures, and software solutions that can be applied across all operational risks in a business. Implementing an assurance and compliance framework that can readily change with the company as it grows and evolves is vital to creating measurable benefits. The fact that all companies have risk management processes at various stages of maturity means that an effective risk management framework must support the simplest of data capture needs in one operational risk area, while supporting the most sophisticated stage-gate workflow processes in another. It is rapidly becoming mandatory from compliance and regulatory perspective to have a single common repository of risk management processes and findings to ensure you can prioritize the allocation of resources to those risk exposures weighted by their potential severity and potential frequency," said Trent Derr, President & CEO, Syntex Management Systems, Inc.

The agenda for November 1st will include the following sessions along with roundtable discussions:

  • "Focusing on the Bottom of the Safety Pyramid", presented by Dennis Belsha – ExxonMobil
  • "How PPG is Using Action Items to Expose Risk and Drive Performance Improvement", presented by Braun Thompson – PPG Industries, Inc.
  • "Operational Real World Experiences", presented by Joe Stough, Executive VP – Syntex Management Systems, Inc.

Seminar attendees will hear how these leaders are:

  • Improving operational performance through using a common framework to manage proactive audits and assessments;
  • Effectively applying a risk matrix methodology to prioritize corporate-wide mitigation efforts;
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of performance improvement initiatives;
  • Executing repeatable processes for incident / near miss, investigation, and action item management;
  • Enabling a culture of open risk communication and managing change while implementing new compliance and assurance processes.

These informative sessions are presented in a half-day format with a networking event immediately following. If you would like to learn how Syntex Management Systems can enable your organization's governance, risk and performance improvement programs, please contact us at or visit us at

SOURCE: Syntex Management Systems, Inc.