News | April 17, 2019

Tarmac Becomes One Of The First UK Major Construction Companies To Offer Maternity High-Visibility PPE

Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business, has become one of the first major UK construction companies to provide expectant mothers with specialist high visibility maternity protective clothing when required.

The pioneering maternity personal protective equipment (PPE) clothing complements Tarmac’s existing range of specialist PPE which is provided to male and female employees at some of the company’s 400 UK sites as standard.

Tarmac’s senior vice president, Martin Riley, said: “We’re proud to be leading the way in introducing high visibility maternity PPE for expectant mothers. This pioneering initiative supports our aim of creating a more inclusive workforce and to work in an environment where all of our employees can be safe and remain healthy.”

Expectant mother Louise Pattison, who works for Tarmac’s Cement and Lime business in Barnstone, Nottingham, commented: “Prior to finding a supplier it was usual for expectant mothers needing PPE for their work to wear oversized male protective clothing and make alterations so I’m delighted to be one of the first people at Tarmac to have the opportunity to wear PPE that is specially made for pregnant women.”

The PPE, which confirms to international health and safety standard EN ISO 20471, is manufactured by Leo Workwear, the sole supplier of specialist maternity high visibility protective clothing.

In a TUC* report on PPE and women from 2017, it found that when women become pregnant, half of the respondents interviewed had been forced to cut back on their normal duties or had to change their role due to suitable maternity PPE not being available to them.

*‘Personal protective equipment and women’ was a report published by the TUC in 2017. It was based on 2,655 responses to a TUC survey and 3,086 responses to a joint survey carried out by trade union, the Prospect and the Women’s Engineering Society.

Source: Tarmac