News | April 12, 2019

TEC Announces Alliance With Ultimate Tool And Safety

Joint Venture with Ultimate Tool and Safety Brings Expanded Safety Equipment to Electric Cooperatives in Texas

Austin, TX /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC) leadership has announced an alliance with Ultimate Tool and Safety, a Fort Worth-based safety equipment and tool resource for linemen, construction workers, telecommunication workers, arborists, tower workers, and ironworkers.

This unique alliance between a cooperative and a private sector organization was initiated by TEC and serves to benefit both organizations' commitment to worker safety across Texas. The organization's testing lab is North American Independent Laboratories (N.A.I.L.) certified, ensuring that all tools and equipment used by statewide electric co-ops meet the highest standards of safety. 

"TEC is constantly looking for ways to bring more value to our members," said Johnny Andrews, chief operating officer of TEC Manufacturing & Distribution Services. "Partnering with a company that has extensive knowledge of lineman and pole-climbing tools and safety equipment helps us do that."

Ultimate Tool and Safety is the top provider of high-quality equipment, dependable tools, and reliable safety gear for the entire Texas region. The organization is also a thought leader in overall worker safety.

"We are happy to align with TEC and help them extend additional services to their members," said Ky Mitchell, vice president of Ultimate Tool and Safety. "We offer on-site equipment dielectric testing, inspection services, and our N.A.I.L. accredited testing laboratories, and hope to be a great value-add to TEC and their members."

About Texas Electric Cooperatives, Inc.: Serving our members since 1941, Texas Electric Cooperatives represents the interests of 75 electric cooperatives with more than three million members throughout the state. TEC serves its members by providing products and services that help sustain cooperative businesses in the 21st century and offers a full line of utility supplies and services through its Manufacturing & Distribution Services facility headquartered in Georgetown. For more information, visit

Ultimate Tool and Safety is located in Fort Worth, Texas and has over 70 years' experience revolving around steel erection, cranes, power line transmission, distribution, dielectric testing and more. The organization is the region's top provider of high-quality equipment, dependable tools, reliable safety gear, fire resistant clothing from jackets to hoodies to coveralls, and beyond and primarily serves tower workers, construction workers, telecommunication workers, arborists, and crane workers. For more information, visit

Source: Texas Electric Cooperatives

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